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Wildlife Exemption and Management Plan Testimonials:

"Texas Wildlife Company did a fine job setting up my wildlife program."
Scott T.  2011 Plan Client - Bastrop County

"TWC did a great job in developing and presenting a creative and and effective wildlife management plan that will benefit our property and surrounding wildlife.  I was very impressed with their services and highly recommend them."  
Steve L. 2011 Plan Client - Guadalupe County

"I am very appreciative for Texas  Wildlife Company services in develping an exceIlent and detailed wildlife plan that meets requirements and makes my land a better place for wildlife.  The overall services offered by the company are professional and complete." 
Tony C.  2011 Plan Client - Bexar County    

One of Texas Wildlife Company's (TWC) premier landowner services is the creation of a customized, professional wildlife management plan readily accepted by central appraisal districts (CADs) for wildlife valuation (exemption) purposes- the TWC Wildlife Plan.  

Who needs a plan?
A wildlife management plan with 1-d-1 wildlife exemption application is a requirement for:

1. landowners wishing to move from a traditional agriculture or timber valuation into wildlife valuation;
2. landowners who purchased property during the previous calendar year with an existing wildlife valuation in place and need to apply themselves for wildlife appraisal;
3. landowners whose existing wildlife management plans have expired.

TWC Wildlife Exemption Services
TWC Wildlife Management Plan and associated wildlife exemption services are completely turnkey and include:

  1. Initial contact by your TWC Wildlife Biologist to the appraisal district to confirm landowner eligibility. This is the first step in informing the appraisal district of your desire to move into wildlife valuation
  2. TWC staff will handle all interactions with the CAD regarding your property.
  3. Property inspection and landowner consultation performed by a professional TWC Wildlife Biologist at a day and time of your choosing. Meeting will be used to determine landowner goals and inspect wildlife habitats including special areas such as water features.
  4. A biologist-prepared, 5-year TWC Wildlife Management Plan that includes wildlife management recommendations, property and habitat descriptions, step-by-step practice instructions, data forms, wildlife management timelines, customized wildlife management maps including aerial and topographic images with soil type overlays, appendices, diagrams, and various features that make TWC Wildlife Management Plans the most thorough and reader-friendly in the industry.
  5. Submission of all wildlife management plan forms and documents to the CAD.
  6. All follow-up interactions with the CAD throughout the approval process.
  7. On-site representation with the CAD in counties requiring an inspection before plan/application approval.
  8. Direct contact with your personal TWC Wildlife Biologist who is familiar with your property, your goals, and your needs. At TWC, there is no middle man between you and your biologist.

The TWC Guarantee

Because we are so confident in our ability to navigate landowners through the wildlife exemption approval process, TWC Wildlife Management Plan services come with an industry exclusive money-back guarantee for any application not accepted by the appraisal district! 

Why Texas Wildlife Company?

Expertise TWC's biologists have written custom, ecologically sound wildlife plans for and successfully converted over 400 landowners into wildlife management tax valuation.

Convenience TWC serves as your interface with the appraisal district.

Peace of Mind  TWC Wildlife Management Plans have the only money-back guarantee in the industry.

To set up a site visit to get started with your plan or for a free phone consultation to determine if wildlife valuation (wildlife exemption) is right for you, call Texas Wildlife Company today.

References always available upon request.