Wildlife Management That Matters

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Texas Wildlife Exemption

Texas Wildlife Company 
is a land and wildlife management firm that specializes in the creation and implementation of wildlife management plans for 1-d-1 wildlife exemption approval.   

Why TWC?

Personalized Service
Each TWC client has their own wildlife biologist familiar with their goals and property vision.  At TWC there is no middle man between you and your biologist.

Our wildlife exemption services are turn key and all inclusive.  For a flat fee we will handle every aspect of the wildlife exemption process from the initial biologist site inspection and data gathering, to meeting with the appraisal district, to wildlife management plan and associated documentation preparation and submittal.    

Peace of Mind
TWC offers a 100% money back guarantee for any wildlife exemption application or wildlife management plan that is not approved by the central appraisal district. 

With hundreds of successful wildlife exemptions and wildlife management plans under our belt, Texas Wildlife Company biologists have the experience to make and implement wildlife management recommendations that fit your needs and result in thriving wildlife populations.

The TWC Wildlife Management Plan 
Wildlife management plans direct wildlife management efforts for a five year period and are an essential component of a 1-d-1 wildlife exemption.  The success of a wildlife exemption application hinges on a variety of factors including the intensity of wildlife management practices, the applicability of each practice with respect to target wildlife species and property size, and general document cohesiveness and presentation.

TWC Wildlife Management Plans include wildlife management recommendations, property and habitat descriptions, step-by-step practice instructions, data forms, wildlife management time-lines
, customized wildlife management maps including aerial and topographic images with soil type overlays, appendices, diagrams, and various features that make TWC Wildlife Management Plans the most thorough and reader-friendly in the industry
.  Our documents clearly layout the path to achieving your wildlife management goals and are readily accepted by chief appraisers.